General Information

Why Smoke E-Cigarettes And Vaporizers?

Feels Real:
When you smoke a Millennium E-Cigarette or Vaporizer it feels like smoking a real cigarette. The smoker gets the satisfaction and enjoyment of smoking a cigarette without any harsh chemicals.

It Is Much Less Expensive:
Just one Millennium E-Cigarette, Vaporizer or E-Hookah gives you much more for your money than a traditional Cigarette. Just think of all the cash you will save when you switch to a Millennium Smoke!

No Chemical Altering:
Millennium E-Cigarettes are a much safer way to enjoy smoking. Traditional cigarettes are packed with dangerous chemicals from arsenic (used in rat poison) to methanol (used in rocket fuel), but Millennium products only contain Nicotine and water vapor. What better reason is there to start enjoying Millennium today?

Smoke almost anywhere!:
Millennium E-Cigarettes and vaporizers produce no second hand smoke therefore eliminating the odor that emits from traditional cigarettes. This means you can smoke indoors! Millennium products produce a light, fresh scent that will not offend anyone near you. With Millennium you can say goodbye to that ashtray smell, burn holes, and litter, and hello to freedom.